Ignatian Communal Discernment

2021 Commitment to Justice Conference resources
Debra Mooney, PhD, Chief Mission Officer, Xavier University
Connie Perme, Chief Human Resources Officer, Xavier University
Dan McDonald S.J., Provincial Assistant for Higher Education, Midwest Province

6 Steps

1. Begin the process in a state of Ignatian indifference

  • Approach the deliberation with an impartial mindset.

2. Outline the pro’s and con’s of the decision

  • Weigh the issues, concerns, and values in light of the mission and vision.

3. Be a contributor and an active listener in brainstorming a solution

  • Share opinions and encourage the contributions of others.

4. Presume good intentions on the part of others

  • Pay close attention to people with viewpoints that differ from your own by 'seeing through their eyes'

5. Notice God’s presence and will

  • Be mindful of Ignatian desolation, feelings of agitation or a disharmony of thoughts and feelings and Ignatian consolation, feelings of peace and satisfaction. Recognize that moments of inspiration and gratitude are encounters with the Divine.

6. Deliberate until there is a shared contentment with a decision

  • When decision-makers have united around an outcome, communicate the decision to those that are impacted and help to bring the resolution to fruition.

See a brochure including the steps, tips for leading and a Prayer to Open a meeting

See a flip book and order copies of the brochure              

Province Tool Box

Communal Apostolic Discernment - come and see  
Basic Tools:  
                    Spiritual conversation
                    The check-in  
                    The review  
                    Spiritual conversation in small groups  
                    Communal discernment  
                    Communal decision-making
Supplemental Tools:
                    Communal graced history  
                    Communal discernment of the signs of the times


University staff, faculty and administrators