Student Handbook


In maintaining a student's education record, Xavier shall collect a wide variety of information, including but not limited to the following: name; address; social security number; phone number; date of birth; sex; ethnicity; marital status; citizenship status; names of elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools attended with dates and diplomas or degrees earned; activities, awards, and work experiences; parents' names, addresses, phone numbers and occupations; business address and phone numbers; emergency telephone numbers; transcripts; grades received; reports of standardized tests; degree and program evaluations; course evaluations; competency sheets; registration forms; medical forms and records; student conduct records; financial assistance applications; confidential financial statements and eligibility reports; records of student fee payments; student- completed questionnaires; counselor reports and notes; letters of recommendation; placement records; and correspondence. Letters of recommendation are used as admission documents only. They are not intended nor will they be used for any other purpose.

Student education records may be kept in a variety of offices including but not limited to those indicated below:

For a better understanding of how long Xavier offices keep different types of education records, please see the Records Retention Policy and Records Retention Schedule