Student Handbook


In the following situations, Xavier shall provide students with the means of waiving their right of access to certain limited parts of their education record for the purpose of preserving confidentiality:

  • Letters of recommendation required for admission to any educational agency or institution.
  • Letters of recommendation respecting an application for employment.
  • Letters of recommendation used in connection with a student's eligibility for honorary recognition.

Whenever a student chooses to waive the right of such access, this limited waiver of the right of access applies to the parents, as well. In all three of the above listed situations, where the student waives the right of access, the student may request notification of the names of persons making confidential recommendations and Xavier will provide them with such names. In providing the means of waiving the right of access, the school shall place this option in writing as part of the printed form being used to obtain statements of recommendation. A student shall indicate in writing their choice of waiving or not waiving the right of access to this information before the form is given to other individuals to write their recommendations. Once a recommendation has been received, a student may not change their decision with regard to waiving the right to access to that recommendation. Waiving right of access is not required as a condition for admission to, receipt of financial aid from, or receipt of any other services or benefits from Xavier.