Student Handbook


Should the individual hearing the objections not be convinced of their validity and should the student making the objection not be satisfied by the explanations given or by the offer to settle the objection informally, a formal hearing may be held. The student desiring such a hearing shall make a written request to the administrator of that office and shall be contacted to establish a time for the hearing. The hearing should take place no later than three weeks following the written request, providing that school is in session. Under such circumstances, the objections shall be heard by a group of three representatives of Xavier, to be appointed by the President or by a designated substitute- none of the representatives to be directly involved with the information under objection. The hearing shall be conducted by one of the representatives appointed to chair the hearing. The student may bring to the hearing another person who may advise but who may not represent them. The chairperson shall present the information being questioned and shall give the student requesting the hearing a full and fair opportunity to state the objections being made. The student shall, at this time, present any evidence to substantiate their objections. The chair shall then request the individual responsible for the information about which the objection has been made to state the rationale for the existing information and defend its validity. The chair shall then give the members of the hearing committee the opportunity to question both parties. The chair shall then invite concluding statements from each party. The objector shall be notified in writing as soon as possible of the committee's decision.