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The Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Endorsement coursework at Xavier University is an 18-graduate credit hour program. Three semester hours of an approved phonics course from undergraduate studies can be applied toward the endorsement. Transcript reviews are completed for each student to determine course requirements.

In addition to courses, 50 hours of documented field hours are required. Field hours are distributed across grade levels and are documented on Xavier University time sheets and signed by the supervising teacher or principal.

TESOL Endorsement (K-12)*


  • EDRE 269/569 Phonics and the Foundations of Literacy - 3 cr. hrs. (15 field hrs.)
  • EDEL 650 Foundations of TESOL 3 cr. hrs. (10 field hrs.)
  • EDEL 651 Instructional Strategies for English Learners (EL) 3 cr. hrs. (10 field hrs.)
  • EDEL 652 Culturally Responsive Teaching 3 cr. hrs. (5 field hrs.)
  • EDEL 653 Effective Assessment Practices for English Learners- 3 cr. hrs. (10 field hrs.)
  • EDEL 654 Aspects of Language and Sociolinguistics 3 cr. hrs.
  • Pass the OAE English to Speakers of Other Languages /021.Get More Information About the OAE English to Speakers of Other Languages /021 Exam.

MEd-Master of Education

Students can pursue a master's degree in TESOL in addition to the endorsement. The master's degree requires 30 graduate credit hours. Students take 12 more hours: 9 hours of professional foundation courses and 3 elective credit hours to complete the degree. Classes are available on the main campus or off-site locations.

Application Process

If you are pursuing a TESOL endorsement only, the following documents are required: Xavier graduate application, official copy of college transcripts, and a copy of your teaching license. For candidates pursuing the MEd degree, the MAT or GRE test is required. All materials are sent to the Office of the Graduate School.

*Curriculum is subject to change.