Graduate Programs in Elementary Education


Curriculum - M.Ed. Elementary Education When No License is Sought*

Required Core Education Courses (9 hours)

  • Education Foundation 500: History and Philosophy of American Education
  • Education Foundation 505: Organization of Education Systems in U.S.
  • Education Foundation 507: Educational Research

The M.Ed. requires 30 graduate credit hours, including the required core courses. The remaining 21 hours required for the M.Ed. are selected from programs such as elementary, Montessori, multi-cultural children's literature, TESOL, special education, and/or counseling. The M.Ed. candidate is free to select courses that advance teaching in the elementary school.

Program Requirements for Licensure:

  • Students seeking initial licensure in early or middle childhood education concurrently with the M.Ed. will declare their Master's concentration as Elementary.
  • Students seeking teacher licensure in early or middle childhood must contact the department at (513)745-3701 for a review of their transcripts. Students are expected to have a broad base of undergraduate coursework spread over the following areas: English, history, sciences, math, speech, and the fine arts. There is a specific sequence within both programs.
  • Course requirements for early or middle childhood licensure extend beyond the 30 hours required for a Masters Degree.

*Curriculum is subject to change.