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Elementary Mathematics

Listed below are courses currently needed for the Mathematics Specialist Endorsement. This endorsement may only be added to a valid teaching license in one of these areas (kindergarten, primary, elementary or early childhood license, or middle childhood, high school, or adolescence to young adult mathematics teaching license). Candidates must have at least three years of successful experience teaching mathematics under a standard teaching certificate or license.

Please note that to make the endorsement valid, you must take the Ohio Assessments for Educators Exam #030 "Middle Grade Mathematics."

The Mathematics Specialist Endorsement at Xavier is a 24-credit hour endorsement. All course requirements must be taken at the graduate level. The program requires 90 hours of documented field hours. Graduate-level coursework taken as part of the Mathematics Specialist Endorsement may be used towards the MEd in Elementary Education. Please refer to the counseling sheet for Masters in Elementary Education.

Required Mathematics Specialist Courses for the Endorsement

Successful completion requires a B- or above and meets or exceeds expectations on key assessments. All courses listed below are three (3) semester hours.

  • EDEL550 Mathematics as a Second Language
  • EDEL551 Algebra and Functions

EDEL550 and EDEL551 are prerequisites for the subsequent classes.

  • EDEL554 Number Theory for Teachers
  • EDEL553 Geometry, Measurement and Probability
  • EDEL557 Statistics, Action Research and Inquiry into Effective Practices
  • EDEL552 Trigonometry, Algebra and Geometry II
  • EDEL556 Algebra and Geometry for Teachers III
  • EDEL555 Mathematics Specialist Practicum

Curriculum is subject to change.