Adult and Professional Education (APEX)

Minor in Health Services Administration

Xavier University’s Adult and Professional Education Program (APEX) announces a new curriculum option – a minor in Health Services Administration.

Start a career in health care administration – or leverage your experience to advance in the health services field. Coupled with the Organizational Leadership major, the Health Services Administration minor will prepare you to work in organizations such as hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, long term or acute care facilities, and government agencies.

Many of the fastest-growing health care jobs are concentrated in the health services field, supporting healthcare operations, resources, and sustainability. Courses from Xavier’s nationally-ranked Health Services Administration department focus on the American healthcare system, healthcare management and marketing, health informatics or data management, as well as agencies serving the aged.

Complete the program in online and evening (some late afternoon) classes in Xavier’s APEX program.

Five courses (15 credits) are required for the minor:

HESA 101: Intro to American Healthcare (online, summers) - REQUIRED

This course is an introduction to the structure, operation and financing of the American healthcare system. It examines the major industry participants; how healthcare services are allocated and financed; the factors that influence the cost and quality of care; and opposing positions on the future of healthcare reform.

HESA 110: Medical Terminology (online) - REQUIRED

This course introduces students to the language of medicine while reviewing the major organ systems of the body.

Choose 3 courses from the following electives:

  • HESA 120 – Healthcare Management (evening)

  • HESA 210 – Healthcare Marketing and Strategic Management (evening)

  • HESA 341 – Health Informatics (late afternoon)

  • HESA 361 – Health Data Management (late afternoon)

  • HESA 455 - Administration of Agencies Serving the Aged (late afternoon)

 Additional elective options for the minor are available in daytime courses:

  • HESA 201 – Health Policy
  • HESA 220 – Healthcare Reimbursement Systems
  • HESA 230 Healthcare Finance
  • HESA 380 – Quality Management and Performance Improvement
  • HESA 390 – Foundations of Healthcare Ethics and Law
  • HESA 410 – Public Health
  • HESA 451 – Aging in Society
  • HESA 459 – Administration of Post-Acute Care

The Health Services Administration minor is restricted to APEX students.