Adult and Professional Education (APEX)

Bachelor of Liberal Arts

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts is designed for adult transfer students who are interested in taking courses in a broad range of disciplines. The general electives and upper division studies requirements allow for efficient transferability of credits and give students the opportunity to design degrees to meet their needs. This degree is offered by the College of Arts and Sciences through APEX, Adult and Professional Education at Xavier. It is available to traditional undergraduates who have completed a minimum of 60 semester hours with approval of their Dean, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and to all students who have graduated from high school not less than four years prior to the date of acceptance into the program.

The Liberal Arts degree is available through full or part-time study, days and/or evenings, or through the Accelerated Degree Completion Program as fully online.

Core Curriculum Requirements

Consult Undergraduate Core Curriculum for details.

Upper Division Studies Requirement: 38 Credit Hours

Students may add a minor or a concentration to their liberal arts degree. See below for information on available concentrations in organizational leadership, and professional communication.

38 hours of upper division work with no more than 21 hours from one subject area.

It is recommended that these 38 hours be distributed across two academic areas.

Less than 30 hours in business courses and no more than 12 hours in any one business subject area may be applied to the degree.

Optional Concentrations for Upper Division Studies:


Organizational Leadership Concentration: 18 Credit Hours

This concentration will enhance and develop your communication, management, and leadership skills.

Required Courses: 9 Credit Hours

  • MGMT 200 - Organizational Management
  • MGMT 309 - Change Management
  • MGMT 314 - Leadership

Electives: 9 Credit Hours (Select from the following list)

  • COMM 207 - Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 209 - Group Dynamics
  • MGMT 201 - Business & Professional Comm
  • MGMT 325 - International Management
  • MGMT 385 - Project Management


Professional Communication Concentration: 21 Credit Hours

This concentration is designed for people interested in working in dynamic, people-oriented environments.  This concentration exposes you to the entire communication network; written, oral, and electronic mediums.

Required Courses: 15 Credit Hours

  • COMM 101 - Oral Communications
  • COMM 207 - Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 209 - Group Dynamics
  • COMM 260 - Organizational Communication
  • COMM 301 - Presentational Speaking

Electives: 6 Credit Hours (Select from the following list)

  • BAIS 120 - Introduction to Business Tech
  • BAIS 220 - Management of Info Tech 
  • COMM 477- Strategic Communication Ethics & Society
  • MGMT 200 - Organizational Management
  • MGMT 201 - Business & Professional Comm



Free Electives: 28 Credit Hours or Less

TOTAL Minimum Hours Required for Degree: 120 Semester Hours