The Williams College of Business

The BPP Grant Program

BPP Grant

The BPP Grant Program provides funding for WCB departments and business clubs and organizations to create and deliver major-related career programs and activities. Selected events also receive BUAD/BPP Elective Credit. As many as ten grants up to $1000 will be awarded each academic year.

Examples might include but are not limited to:

  • Panel discussion on careers and opportunities in a specific business major, discipline or industry
  • Keynote speaker relevant to your major/field/industry
  • Major-related resume critiques with alums or business people
  • Networking with business executives or alums in your major
  • Workshops to develop needed soft skills in your field
  • Meet the Firms or similar event to explore careers and firms related to your major
  • Company visits or job shadowing
  • Programs to develop job seeking skills in your major (e.g., assessment test-taking tools, etc.)
  • Joining or working with professional organizations related to your field
  • Joint programs between related business majors (e.g., BANL and MKTG, FINC and INBU, INFO and CSCI, etc.)

The application process requires that the program be well-developed and sponsored by a department or club.

Grant Application Process: