The Williams College of Business

Business Profession Program

The Business Profession program is the cornerstone of career preparation for undergraduate students in the Williams College of Business. The program provides a structured way for students to improve their job-seeking skills, build a professional network, and gain professional presence to complement their major field of study.

Upon completion of the Business Profession program, students will be able to:

  • make informed academic and career choices
  • create professional marketing materials (resumes, cover letters, etc.)
  • gain real world experience
  • build a professional network
  • execute a successful job search
  • develop a career plan for lifelong learning

Beyond the required course modules and workshops, students are encouraged to participate in experiential learning, internships, and apprenticeships. Research shows that gaining real-world experience provides students with a competitive edge when entering the workplace.

The Williams College of Business collaborates with Xavier Career Development Office, academic departments, and student clubs and organizations to provide a variety of professional engagement activities (PEAs) to students.  Activities include internships, apprenticeships, career fairs, mentoring, networking events, business presentations, career panels, company visits, job shadowing, professional development workshops and more.

To have your upcoming PEA (professional engagement activity) approved for BUAD/BPP credit, submit a PEA Request Form.

BPP grants are also available to help support job-seeking and career-related activities. Student clubs and academic departments may apply.