The Williams College of Business

Student Testimonials

Here is what our students have to say about the Business Profession Program!

I have had a wonderful and enriching experience from attending the BBP workshops. Some of the workshops that stood out to me the most were "Financial Planning", "Evaluating a Job Offer" and "Interviewing Techniques". All of these workshops really helped me not only get a full time job for post-graduation but it has helped me get the best deal when negotiating a job offer and figuring out how to manage my money in the best way possible. I credit a lot of my success here at Xavier to the BBP program because they have given all of the business students tips and tools on how to make yourself successful and I feel that I have used all of these tools to my advantage. Something as simple as writing a hand-written thank you note to an employer or the person that interviewed you truly makes all of the difference in the world. Xavier's BBP program has helped me standout to employers in ways that I may not have otherwise.

Olivia Zick '15; Strategic Human Resources Management and Management

The Business Profession Program has continuously kept me thinking about what a college education is truly about: starting your career. Through the BPP workshops I have sharpened by networking skills, improved my Linked In account and learned valuable resume writing tips. It has definitely been a great supplement to my education.

Paige Rimler '17; Management Major

The program does possess positive qualities, and I feel one of the most important qualities is networking with the speakers that come in. If students are able to connect with speakers who the faculty members have specifically chosen to fill our minds with increased business knowledge, then the experience is fulfilled. I was able to connect with representative from KAO brands during one BPP session in my Junior year and concluded with reaching out to a KAO branch in Toronto, where I hope to return upon graduation.

One of the most helpful workshops that I attended was the resume writing workshop. It gave me an idea of a starting point since I was able to compare my resume in sophomore year with a resume that could stand out. The speaker was well organized and engaged with the students. He gave actual listed tips so we could take action immediately.

Sarah Leitch '15; Marketing

I found the workshop on Linked In very helpful. It was something I knew I needed to do, but had not taken the time to set up. After the workshop, I set up my Linked In account, and continue to build on it. Without the BPP program, I most likely would not have created an account so early and it would not be as polished. I am looking forward to attending 'How Evaluate a Job Offer' and 'Financial Planning', as I've heard really great things about them both. Earlier this semester I attended the workshop by Ryan Alleman on Leadership and Service and was so impressed with what a very recent WCB grad was doing both professionally and personally in Cincinnati.

PJ Duffy '16; Marketing