On-Campus Student Employment

Hiring Process

Student Employment must approve and advertise all positions before student employees can be hired and start working.


  1. Ensure the job description is on file with Student Employment and is up-to-date. (Call (513) 745-4880)
    1. If this is a new position or a change to an existing position, submit a Position Description Form to claryv@xavier.edu.
    2. In the position description please include: duties, responsibilities, knowledge and skills required, and the amount of supervision the student employee will receive.
    3. All students are paid hourly. Hourly rates are determined by Student Employment and are based on rates paid for similar positions on campus. Rates are not based on grant, scholarship or budget amounts.
  2. All student employee positions must be advertised. To post your position, submit the Job Posting Form. Positions are advertised via Handshake and must be posted for a minimum of 5 days. Students with Federal Work Study are given priority in the hiring process, so for most positions, applicants are restricted to only those with Federal Work Study for at least the minimum posting period. 

  3. Once a student is hired,
    1. Supervisor's must submit a Payroll Authorization Form (PDF). This form is required as follows:
      1. The student is being hired in a new position
      2. The student is continuing or returning to the same position from Academic Year to Summer and vice versa.
    2. Students who have not previously worked on-campus for a Xavier Employer is required to complete new hire paperwork prior to starting to work. Please advise your student to visit the Student Employment Office at 530 Conaton Learning Commons, Room 530 to begin this process. What student needs to bring with them to complete their new hire paperwork.
      1. Students only need to fill out the Xavier new hire paperwork once unless information needs to be changed such as # of tax exemptions or bank account has changed for direct deposit.
      2. A student employee should NEVER begin working until employment paperwork has been completed. This is a federal policy. A student is not officially authorized to work until Student Employment receives and approves all employment forms. Once the student is eligible, the Supervisor will be e-mailed that the student can start working.
      3. Supervisors who hire several students at one time may make special arrangements for a group processing session by contacting the Student Employment Office at (513) 745-4880 or at claryv@xavier.edu.



Students already working in a campus position may return to or continue in that same position. To ensure their position continues uninterrupted in the payroll system, Supervisors should submit a Student Payroll Authorization Form (PAF) according to the following criteria:

A Payroll Authorization Form is needed for each of the following scenarios:

  • Student is continuing from Spring Semester to the Summer Semester
  • Student is continuing from Spring Semester to the Fall Semester
  • Student is continuing from Summer Semester to the Fall Semester

If the student is continuing from Fall Semester to the Spring Semester, NO PAYROLL AUTHORIZATION FORM REQUIRED

  • No paperwork is required for this scenario as student positions that begin in the Fall semester automatically continue through the end of the Spring Semester unless the supervisor indicates otherwise or if it is a GA Contract with a specific end date.