On-Campus Student Employment

You're Hired, Now What?

Once you've been hired in a student employee position, the hiring employer will notify Student Employment. 

If you haven't worked in a Xavier student employment position before, you will receive an e-mail giving you instructions on how to complete required new hire paperwork that needs to be completed prior to starting work in your position. 

Most of your new hire paperwork will be able to be done remotely and uploaded electronically, however, the I-9 form will need to be done in-person at the Student Employment office typically via a scheduled appointment that should only take 5-15 minutes.   

Students hired, or who plan to be hired, should come to campus prepared with the following:

Original ID to complete the Federal Form I-9. View Complete List of Acceptable Documents
(photocopies not allowed).

You will need either: 
  • 1 item from List A  OR
  • 1 item from List B AND 1 item from List C.

For questions, feel free to contact the Student Employment Office at 513-745-4880 or email claryv@xavier.edu.