Student Employment


Student Employee Supervisors

The Student Employment Program is designed to assist students in financing their education, developing essential job skills and enhancing their University experience. Student Employment partners with the Career Development Office (CDO), which serves Xavier students by providing opportunities to gain essential career development, leadership and lifelong learning skills.


A student employee is an individual whose primary intent is to obtain a degree at Xavier University, while working part-time at the University. We follow the federal guidelines for administering both our Federal Work Study and Non Work Study student employees. Therefore, we are subject to audits. Please review the guidelines with your student staff.


As employers in an educational institution it is our responsibility to contribute to the education of our students regardless of your department. The on-campus employment experience is valuable to students in many ways. As the direct supervisor you have the most impact on the student's work and experiential learning. We appreciate your efforts and strive to serve you in an efficient and effective manner.


The content in the Supervisors section of the On-Campus Employment website is designed to help you supervise in a fair and equitable way. It will also provide a general structure designed to promote the growth and development of our student staff. The following information will give you a general structure to follow when interviewing, hiring, training, evaluating, or carrying out a disciplinary system for your student staff.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact the Student Employment Office at (513) 745-4880 or at