Student Employment


Student Employment Program Summary

The student employment program at Xavier offers opportunities for students to work in competitive part-time positions available on-campus and off-campus*. Positions vary in skill level and offer opportunity for professional development.

A student's primary goal is the pursuit of an education and working should not interfere with educational success. Student Employment is considered an extension of the educational experience. Student employees:

  • must be enrolled full-time at Xavier during the Academic year
  • may work up to 20 hours per week (all positions combined) during the academic year
  • may work a maximum of 25 hours per week (all positions combined) during breaks and the summer semester.  Exceptions to work more than 25 hours during the summer semester may be available for some positions.
  • All students are responsible for securing a position through the Student Employment Program. Any Xavier full-time student may apply for competitive positions that are posted on Handshake, Xavier's resource for jobs and internships.  We do not place students into positions.
  • Xavier employers are required to advertise and hire within the Federal Work Study awarded pool of students whenever possible. Positions left unfilled from this pool of students, as well as other positions are open to all students to compete for.

*Off-Campus Positions through Federal Work Study

Students awarded federal work study may consider employment at local service-oriented organizations through the Community Service Jobs Program (CSJP). Job sites are chosen to allow for a wide range of opportunities within city limits. These opportunities help students develop a sense of social responsibility and touch the lives of community residents in meaningful and lasting ways. View more details about the Community Service Job Program.