On-Campus Student Employment

Responsibilities and Procedures


  1. Develop accurate and useful job descriptions of all positions.
  2. Ensure that the student visits the Student Employment Office for completion of new hire paperwork processing before he/she begins work.
  3. Provide specific training in those areas listed on the job description.
  4. Set up a work schedule, preferably in writing, for the student.
  5. Review all department policies with the student, including discipline procedures (see 4-Step Disciplinary Action Procedure).
  6. Be available and encourage the student to ask questions.
  7. See that time reports are submitted according to deadlines established by the payroll schedule.
  8. Establish and review expected and appropriate dress, behavior, use of university and office resources, and standard operating procedures with the student.


All student employees participate annually in a formal evaluation with their supervisors between March and May each Spring semester. Student Employment will communicate specific dates and details in January/ February each Spring. View the Performance Evaluation Form for Student Employee Supervisors. Student's will be required to complete a self-evaluation on a different but similar form that is available to them via the Student Employment Canvas course.

Although required performance evaluations are only once annually, Informal evaluations and feedback should take place with each of your current student employees and should be ongoing. There should be no surprises to the student employee come annual evaluation time regarding their performance. During both informal and formal evaluations and feedback, remember to help your student employees reflect on the skills they are learning in their positions. Help them to understand how these skills translate to the work-world after college. Get feedback from them, students are also required to complete a self-evaluation prior to their performance evaluation, which will help with that feedback. View "Student Employee Positions - Not Just a Paycheck."


The employing department is responsible for providing student employees with the safety training necessary to ensure that the employee is able to perform the job in a safe manner. Supervisors should refer to Xavier's Policies and Procedures Manual to become familiar with safety policies. All required personal protective equipment must be provided to the student employee by the employer.

Student Employees Injured on the Job - Workers Compensation

All Xavier student employees have Workers Compensation benefits provided to them. Workers' compensation is a form of insurance which provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment.

If a student employee gets hurt while working at their Xavier student employee position, they should follow the steps below.

1. Seek treatment immediately. Xavier University suggests injured employees seek this treatment at Bethesda Care Norwood, specialists in occupational medicine. However, if this is an emergency, injured workers should seek treatment at the nearest medical facility. Upon arrival, they should identify themselves as a Xavier University employee who was injured on-the-job and that they have workers compensation through Xavier University.

2. Their Xavier supervisor should be contacted immediately or as soon they can. Within 24 hours of their injury, the injured student or their Xavier supervisor will need to complete an Injury and Illness Report. That report should be scanned and e-mailed to HR and copied to the Student Employment Coordinator. Any questions or assistance can be directed through Student Employment.

This information was communicated to all student employees via the Canvas course, however, make sure your student employees are aware of it.