Living at Xavier

Make yourself at home

Living on campus should be a highlight of your college experience. At Xavier, we are dedicated to making sure that our living and learning environments are the best they can be. We guarantee housing for your first two years, and whether you choose to live on campus for only two years or for all four, our team is committed to providing you an amazing and safe experience here.

Discover a first-year home that's perfect for you.

First-year students have a few different options for living on campus, these include:

Upperclassmen Residences

Upperclassmen have the opportunity to stay in your first-year residence hall or branch out into other living arrangements in

Enjoy Life in the Upper Classes

Apartment living with the Xavier touch.


As a parent, we know you want your student to be safe. Xavier students praise the 24-hour safety monitoring, the option of several different housing styles and dining options, as well as plenty of luxuries such as wireless Internet access, and worry-free maintenance in all halls and apartments.

"Brockman was the first place for my first year in college!"

"Buenger gave me plenty of space to hang out with friends or study alone."

"Husman attracted me because of its convenient suite-style layout."

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