Undergraduate Program (BA)

As a student pursuing a career in law, you have unique goals and educational plans. At Xavier, you'll find the support and personal attention you need to get into Law School after graduation—from academic advising to peer mentoring and LSAT preparation.

100% of Xavier pre-law students get guidance and support from professors and mentors who are also lawyers.


of Xavier pre-law students get guidance and support from professors and mentors who are also lawyers.



Law schools value academic diversity and a broad liberal arts background in their students. Our core curriculum will give you a valuable foundation for all further education.


Be matched with a mentor who is a practicing lawyer from a prestigious private or government law office in the greater Cincinnati area.


Participate in our Mock Trial club and gain experience in regional and national competitions.

Major Decisions

Pre-medicine, pre-dental and pre-veterinary are career intentions that you'll pursue along with your chosen major. With that in mind, you should consider declaring a major that you'll enjoy, perform well in and can use as a basis for further graduate work or employment. Whichever major you choose, your pre-professional health advisor will help prepare you for successful admission to the health profession graduate school of your choice.

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First Year

First Year

  • Explore law careers
  • Get course scheduling advice from your pre-law advisor
  • Join the Xavier Mock Trial Club

Sophomore Year

  • Research admittance requirements for law schools
  • Plan your LSAT preparation schedule
  • Connect with your pre-law mentor

Junior Year

  • Take the LSAT
  • Submit law school applications

Senior Year

  • Decide which school to attend

Support you can count on.

Preparing for admission to medical school requires careful long-range planning and accurate information. Your coordinator of pre-professional health advising will help with course selection, time management tips, information on individual medical schools, MCAT preparation advice, letters of recommendation and mock admission interviews.

The Xavier Experience. There's Nothing Like It.

The Xavier Experience. There's Nothing Like It.

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Xavier graduates practice in a range of fields of medicine, professional health care and other related careers. They go on to study at prestigious health schools like

  • Georgetown University Law Center
  • Harvard Law School
  • Universirt of Cincinnati College of Law
  • Vanderbelt University Law School
  • Yale Law School