College of Arts and Sciences

Notice about Coronavirus Disease 2019

During this time, it is very important that we practice social distancing and rely on the advice of health experts. The Director of the Department of Health for the State of Ohio has also issued a stay-at-home order. In response, employees of the College of Arts and Sciences will be working remotely from their homes from 8AM until 5PM each business day until further notice. 
  • If you are a student in need of assistance, please contact Jen Droege (
  • If you need assistance please email Marybeth Dulle ( or leave a voice message at 513-745-3101.
  • Voice messages at our office number (513-745-3101) will be monitored and the message will be forwarded to the appropriate member of the dean’s office.


Xavier University offers a unique choice. The College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest and largest college at Xavier University. The college provides an excellent liberal arts education in the Jesuit tradition that prepares students for careers, professional or graduate school, and life in a global society. Explore our 50+ majors and programs.

College of Arts and Sciences Mission Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences challenges students to develop an integrated understanding of humanity, the world, and God by pursuing the questions raised in Xavier's core and departmental curricula.

  • Do human beings have an enduring nature?
  • How have we conceived of the good and tried to implement it over the course of history?
  • Is there a best form of government or society?
  • How do we communicate in words, numbers, melodies and images?
  • Can we grasp the structure of reality through mathematics, theory and experiment?
  • Is there a God who cares for us, and how have human beings responded to God's love?
  • How do identity, location, culture and history shape our views of ourselves, of others and of our world?
  • What are the root causes of injustice and how might we challenge unjust distributions of power?

Through such core questions and through its programs of study in the liberal arts, CAS aspires to liberate students by enabling them to broaden their minds, to seek the truth and to meet the challenges of their time.