Master of Health Services Administration


"The Xavier Residency is an integral part of the program. Many graduates of the program will tell you that they picked Xavier because of the one year residency requirement. With the complexity and ever changing face of health care, a one year residency is an excellent experience for the student. As a Preceptor, that has taken eight Xavier residents, I can attest that the organization employing the resident has a lot to gain as well. Xavier produces gifted, highly skilled and well prepared residents that exhibit the Jesuit teachings and values lived and taught everyday at Xavier. The residency is truly a wonderful experience for all involved. I wish the residents tremendous success in their residency and beyond."
- Pamela E. Zipperer-Davis MHA, "Class of 1989

"Two equally valuable lessons commonly derived from the residency experience are learning aspects of leadership that you want to emulate in developing your own leadership approach and style - and learning some that you want to avoid at all costs."
- Keith R. Knapp, Ph.D., C.N.H.A, Class of 1980 and Advisory Board Member