MHSA Program Information

Mission, Vision, and Values

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) program at Xavier University is to educate innovative, forward thinking, knowledgeable, highly skilled, values-oriented servant leaders who will contribute to the health of society by continuously improving the management of health-related organizations through employment in decision support, managerial, and executive positions.

Vision Statement

Our graduates shape the future of the health sector.

Values Statement

The MHSA program is committed to responsible conduct in the development of value-centered leaders in health services administration. The following are the values to which the MHSA students, faculty and staff are committed:

  • Respect - defined as positive regard and consideration for others.
  • Accountability - defined as responsibility for actions, behavior and decisions; answerability.
  • Integrity - defined as consistency in adherence to moral and ethical principles.
  • Equity - defined as fairness and justice.
  • Open communications - defined as:
    • a willingness and an intention to share information in an equitable way;
    • a willingness to enter into dialogue in which both listening and speaking are valued;
    • a willingness to create an interpersonal climate in which people have freedom to express their opinions, thoughts and feelings without fear.

Men and Women for Others: Thinkers, Inspirers and Leaders in Health Services Administration