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A cornerstone of the education provided by the GPHSA full-time option is the extensive field experience you obtain through an eight- to 12-month paid administrative residency. During the residency, students gain firsthand knowledge of the operational, administrative and strategic issues of concern to senior management. Students apply the theories, concepts, principles and skills learned in the didactic portion of their graduate education to an operational environment under the guidance of a faculty advisor an a preceptor, who is a member of the executive management team.

In addition, the residency provides students with the opportunity to identify their managerial competencies, to enhance their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Students learn about themselves, their organizations, senior management and career options in health services administration. Maximum benefit and professional growth is achieved when students view the administrative residency as an opportunity to learn and apply new management skills and techniques.

Why an 8-12 month residency?

The residency experience enables you to participate in extensive projects and management experiences. These experiences are invaluable for developing a strong management foundation and helping you launch successful careers in health services management. Residents typically receive stipends from their residency organizations. The average residency stipend for 2023 is $56,500 per year.

The starting date for the administrative residency is typically June for all candidates.

Types of residency sites include:

  • Hospitals/medical centers
  • Medical group practices
  • Community health centers
  • Rural health care networks
  • Health maintenance organizations
  • Preferred provider organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • Home health care organizations
  • Retirement centers
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Government providers/agencies
  • Professional associations
  • Health care consulting firms

Sample preceptor positions include:

  • President/CEO
  • Executive vice president/COO
  • Administrator
  • Director
  • Senior vice president
  • Vice president for medical affairs
  • Director/vice president
  • Retirement center/long-term care administrator
  • Executive director