MHSA Program Information

Value of the MHSA from Xavier University

Xavier University's MHSA program is one of only seven elite programs in the country that features the full third-year administrative residency. Xavier MHSA is CAHME accredited and the national inaugural winner of prestigious CAHME awards in 2016 for healthcare leadership development excellence and 2017 for sustainability. The purpose of our master's program is to get you to your career "prize," and we feel that this scholar/practitioner approach prepares students best for the future.

Cost of Tuition

$704 per credit hour (2024-2025 academic year)

Full-Time MHSA: 67 total credit hours $704 x 67 = $47,168‬ estimated program cost

Executive MHSA: 42 total credit hours $704 x 42 = $29,568 estimated program cost

Residency Experience + Stipend

  • Full 8-12 month paid residency (Xavier is one of only seven programs in the country still requiring this third year)
  • Average residency stipend : $61,000
  • 80% of Xavier MHSA residents are offered jobs at their place of residency
  • Real-life experience as a healthcare executive for up to one full year - this type of learning cannot be taught in the classroom
  • More than 150 approved residency sites throughout the United States
  • Preceptors: Higher-level managers who work closely with our students throughout the residency
  • Instant resume builder

Internship Experience

  • 2-3 month voluntary internship completed during the summer between years 1 and 2 in the program (highly recommended)
  • Many internship opportunities are paid
  • Cincinnati-area as well as national internship opportunities

Job Placement Rate

  • 100% job placement rate within 3 months of graduation
  • Average starting salary: $70,000, often higher

Scholarships and Assistantships

  • Internal Scholarships are available
  • External Scholarships are available
  • Assistantship Opportunities

Alumni Network

  • Strong alumni base: 1,766 Xavier MHSA Alumni nationwide
  • 35% of MHSA alumni hold C-suite (CEO, CFO, etc.) or VP positions in healthcare
  • Many of our alumni serve as preceptors to MHSA residents
  • Frequent opportunities throughout the program to network with local and nationally-based alumni

MHSA Faculty

  • 9 Full-Time MHSA faculty members who are now or who have been practitioners in the field
  • Adjunct faculty members are specialized practitioners in healthcare
  • Small class sizes ensure students receive one-on-one attention with all faculty members
  • Student to Faculty Ratio per class → 12:1
  • All classes are taught by practitioners; No Teacher Assistants/Graduate Assistants used as instructors