Office of Human Resources

Performance Management

Xavier University carries out its mission through the individual and collective contributions of a committed and engaged workforce. Employees need to understand how their respective contributions are aligned with University goals. They desire to be supported, treated with respect and recognized for unique styles and skills. Likewise, supervisors build trust by acting in a transparent manner and initiating ongoing feedback. 

This mutual understanding is at the heart of Xavier's Performance Management program.

Our program enables all employees to perform at their best by:

  • Aligning the work performed by supervisors and employees with departmental and university goals
  • Encouraging communication between supervisor and employee throughout the year so there are no surprises at the annual Performance Review session
  • Promoting a consistent methodology in performance assessment through fairness and transparency
  • Fostering and rewarding excellent performance

Planning Phase

The benefits of goal setting are:

  • Connects each employee's goals to the University goals
  • Allows employees to set goals for their own personal and professional growth
  • Breaks strategy down into relevant, measurable and attainable elements
  • Drives University achievement in key areas (development, campus enhancement, financial well-being as well as employee growth and engagement)

Managers and employees should develop goals together and document them at the start of the fiscal year. Ideally, this should happen immediately after the annual performance review discussion. The goals should support the overall objectives of the organization, which should in turn help in the achievement of the specific goals of the Xavier Way.  Goals may be altered, or perhaps even added, as the year progresses and new challenges arise. 

Achieving Our Goals Phase 

This phase essentially runs year-round.  It includes the execution of our day-to-day jobs as well as working on specific initiatives or projects that are part of our goals.  Frequent communication among all team members will help to keep these efforts on track and avoid any surprises.  

Evaluating and Rewarding Phase

April 1 - June 30, 2024

Xavier University maintains a total compensation philosophy that attracts, retains, and rewards an accomplished and diverse faculty and staff. The University affirms that those who serve the institution, including faculty, staff, and administrators, are ultimately responsible for fulfilling our mission and achieving our goals. The Reward Phase, a merit-based feature of this total system, is dependent upon performance.

The Office of Human Resources offers the below information in order to help supervisors and non-supervisors prepare for the performance review process.

Tools for Annual Performance Review Process

Tools for Goal Setting