Student Handbook - THEFT

Entering a Dining Facility Without Presenting an ALL Card or Paying

Entering a University dining facility without either presenting the ALL Card or not paying for the meal will be considered theft and the student will be held responsible through the Student Conduct Process.

Dining Facility Property

All non-disposable items used for eating a meal in the dining facility (e.g., flatware, plates, bowls, glasses, cups, saucers, trays) are the property of Xavier Dining Services and are not to be removed or taken from the dining facility. Any such items identified outside of the dining facility that are identified as part of the Xavier Dining Services inventory will be confiscated and returned to Xavier Dining. Students found in possession of such items outside of the dining facility will have violated the Standards of Student Conduct and will be charged through the Student Conduct Process.

Unreasonable Removal of Food from the Dining Facility

While it is within reason and permissible that a student may wish to leave the dining facility with a dessert or piece of fruit, removing large quantities of food that may be used to feed others at a student gathering or for the purpose of "stockpiling" food at one's residence is strictly prohibited and will be considered stealing and a violation of the Standards of Student Conduct.

Common Area Furniture

Common area furniture is provided for the use of all residents and guests in the common area. Removing furniture from a common area of any University-owned building may result in Student Conduct charges.

Residence Hall and Apartment Thefts

All thefts in the residence halls and apartments should be reported immediately to the Residence Life staff and to the Xavier University Police Department. A Xavier University Police Department Officer will assist you in filling out forms necessary for any insurance claim. Although Xavier takes normal precautions to safeguard property, it is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage to student property. It is strongly recommended that each individual secure insurance coverage for all items of personal property as well as taking precautionary steps (e.g., locking your residence) to prevent opportunity thefts from occurring.