To uphold academic integrity, students shall: 

  • Complete and submit academic work that is their own and that is an honest and fair representation of their knowledge and abilities at the time of submission. 
  • Know and follow the standards of the class and the institution. 

Thus, no student shall engage in an activity that undermines academic integrity or facilitates academic integrity violations by others. This includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors: 

  1. No student shall procure, provide, or accept any material that contains questions or answers to any examination or assignment unless the student’s possession of the material has been authorized by the instructor.
  2. No student shall complete, in part or in total, any academic work (e.g., examination, assignment, paper) or obtain academic credit (e.g., attendance, participation) for another person.
  3. No student shall allow any academic work or academic credit to be completed or obtained, in part or in whole, for themselves by another person.
  4. No student shall plagiarize or copy the work of others and submit it as their own work.
  5. No student shall employ aids in undertaking course work or in completing any exam or assignment that are not authorized by the instructor.
  6. No student shall alter graded class assignments or examinations and then resubmit them for regrading without the instructor’s permission. 
  7. No student shall submit substantially the same material more than once without prior authorization from the instructor, such as a paper that was written and submitted in another class. 
  8. No student shall submit materials or assignments generated or written by Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI or AI) unless authorized by the instructor. 

Matters of academic integrity will be resolved within the appropriate Academic Dean’s Office or with the assistance of the Dean of Students Office as circumstances require.