All Xavier buildings are smoke-free. Therefore, smoking is prohibited in residence hall rooms and any public areas such as hallways, stairwells, lounges, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, offices, and common areas. Any form of smoking, including the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs, or devices such as an electronic cigarette or a vaporizer, is prohibited in all areas of all University residence halls. Furthermore, smoking may not occur within close proximity to or cause the obstruction of any building entrance, covered walkway or ventilation system. In order to provide a smoke-free entry to buildings, students and others who choose to smoke should do so at least 15 feet away from any building entrance (e.g., a residence hall or apartment.) Students are responsible for informing their guests of this policy and ensuring that guests adhere to it. Any instrument, vessel, or device (e.g., bong, pipe, rolling papers, hookahs, etc.) used to smoke illegal substances in the commission of a violation of Xavier policy or state law is considered contraband and is prohibited. Such items will be confiscated and student conduct charges may be levied. Read Xavier's Smoke, Tobacco, and Nicotine-Free Policy by clicking here.