Student Handbook - FIRE SAFETY

Engaging in arson or the irresponsible use of fire or fire safety equipment is prohibited.

All persons must leave the building during fire alarms and may not reenter until instructed to do so by a University official (i.e., Xavier University Police Department Officer, or a Residence Life professional staff member) or a firefighter. Students in a Residence Hall during a fire alarm should leave the window blinds open, close and lock their doors, and turn off the lights.

Students who fail to vacate during a fire alarm or who return to the building before they are permitted to do so are in violation of this policy. Any students who activate a false alarm or tamper with or misuse fire or safety equipment (such as fire extinguishers and door alarms) are in violation of this policy.

A violation of this policy, whether accidental or malicious, places the lives and safety of fellow students in danger. As such, Xavier takes violations of this policy very seriously. All violations of this policy will result in sanctions through the Student Conduct Process as well as prosecution under Ohio law, when applicable.