Student Handbook


The University expects students to respect property both inside and outside of the Xavier community. This includes both real and personal property, whether owned by Xavier, students, faculty or staff, or any property in which Xavier has an interest.

The following behaviors violate Xavier's expectations for Respect for Others:

Property Damage/Neglect - Engaging in the misuse, vandalism or damage to University, group or private property or failing to take proper care of the facilities, equipment, services and space provided by Xavier for student use.

Fire/Fire Safety Violation - Engaging in arson or the irresponsible use of fire, or fire safety equipment including smoke detectors, fire alarms, extinguishers, etc. or failing to follow fire drill or other emergency procedures.

Theft - Theft of property (University or other), including possession of stolen property, attempted theft, conspiracy to steal, misappropriation of property or services, and identity theft.

Abuse/Misuse of Technology - Theft of or tampering with computer equipment, including unauthorized entry or use, alteration of information, or misuse of records. For more complete information, please refer to the Policy for Responsible Use of Computing and Communications Technologies on-line as a link to the Dean of Students' website:

Unauthorized Access - Engaging in the unauthorized entry, trespassing or tampering with respect to University premises, facilities, or properties or engaging in the unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of University keys and ALL Cards.