Student Handbook


Xavier requires students to conduct themselves with respect for themselves. The University values all of its students and is concerned about each student's total development. The University encourages students to take advantage of the resources available to them to enhance the quality of their lives while expecting them to assume responsibility for their personal well-being.

The following behaviors violate Xavier's expectations for Respect for Oneself:

Violation of the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy (Alcohol) -Violating the University's Alcohol policy, including but not limited to, underage possession or consumption of alcohol, behavior which suggests the excessive consumption of alcohol, providing, selling or distributing alcohol to an individual under age 21, hosting parties on or off campus where underage students and alcohol are present, violations of local and state alcohol laws and ordinances. See Section 1.7 ("Alcohol and Other Drugs") of the Student Handbook.

Violation of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy (Drugs) - This includes, but is not limited to, the use, possession, manufacturing or distribution of marijuana, heroin, narcotics, other controlled substance or paraphernalia illegally. See Section 1.7 ("Alcohol and Other Drugs") of the Student Handbook.

Endangering Behavior - Conduct that threatens or endangers the health, sense of security and/or safety of the University community or any person(s) including oneself.