Student Handbook


Xavier requires students to conduct themselves with respect for others. True to its Jesuit ideals, Xavier believes that each person has worth and dignity. Members of the Xavier community are expected to demonstrate a mutual respect and concern for others. Students should learn to accept, recognize, and appreciate those who are different from them and to act in a manner that helps create a strong sense of community and acceptance.

The following behaviors violate Xavier's expectations for Respect for Others:

Harassment - Harassment is the creation of a hostile or intimidating environment, in which conduct, because of its severity and/or persistence, is likely to interfere significantly with an individual's life by affecting the person physically or emotionally. Such harassment will not be tolerated. Harassment can be uninvited or unwelcome verbal, physical or visual conduct including electronic communication. Harassing conduct is often, but not always in reference to the individual's or a group of individuals' sex, gender, identity, race, color, economic status, class, religion, cultures, national origin, citizenship, veteran status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, position, age, handicap or disability. Verbal conduct may be either oral or written words, such as epithets. Physical conduct may include assault or battery, physically interfering with, blocking or impeding an individual's normal movement. Visual conduct may include drawings, pictures, cartoons or derogatory posters (None of these descriptions are intended to describe all manners of the particular type of conduct). For further examples refer to the harassment policy.

Harm to Others - Intentionally or recklessly causing physical harm or endangering the health or safety of any person.

Threat/Intimidation - Written or verbal conduct that causes a reasonable expectation of injury to the health or safety of any person or damage to any property. Intimidation is defined as implied threats or acts that cause reasonable fear of harm in another.

Sex Discrimination – Conduct that may constitute Sex Discrimination (Section 2.3) prohibited by Title IX (Section and Xavier’s Interpersonal Violence policies (Section

Disruptive Behavior - Any behavior that interferes with the rights of others and disrupts or interferes with the normal functioning or safety of the community.

Bias Motivated Incidents-Any violation of the Code of Student Conduct motivated by a consideration (real or perceived) of race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or gender identity is prohibited and will be treated more severely than a similar or related act in the absence of such motivation.

Hazing-Any intentional or reckless act, or coercion of another to act, that is an implicit or explicit condition for initiation into, admission to, affiliation with, or continued membership in any group or organization, and which causes or a substantial risk of causing mental or physical harm, harassment, discomfort, embarrassment, or ridicule to any person. More information on the Hazing policy may be found in Section