Student Handbook


Xavier requires students to conduct themselves with respect for authority. The purpose of these Xavier policies and procedures is to provide for a safe and comfortable environment for all members of its community. University administrators and staff, along with all members of the Xavier community, share responsibility for supporting Xavier's efforts to preserve an environment that contributes to the overall mission of Xavier.

The following behaviors violate Xavier's expectations for Respect for Authority:

Failure to Comply- Failure to comply with the directions (including the successful and timely completion of Student Conduct sanctions) of University staff/officials acting in the performance of their duties and/or failure to properly identify oneself by presenting an ALL Card to these persons when requested to do so - this includes resident assistants, faculty, staff and administrators, student employees and graduate assistants.

Violation of University Policy- Violation of any of the University's published policies, rules, or regulations including, but not limited to, those regarding on and off campus living and student organizations, acceptable use of technology, alcohol and other drugs and the Harassment Code and Accountability Procedures.

Violation of the Law- Engaging in behaviors that may constitute a violation of federal, state, local laws, and ordinances.

Obstruction - Obstruction of any official University investigation or proceeding, including but not limited to, the Student Conduct Process.

Providing False Information - Knowingly providing false information or identification or impersonating a University official.