Student Handbook


When a student wishes to re-enroll after a voluntary or involuntary leave of absence, a written request must be made to the Dean who oversaw the implementation of the leave. 

In the case of an involuntary leave, the Dean of Students or designee will refer the request for re-enrollment to the individualized assessment Committee which will conduct a follow up assessment to determine whether the student has satisfied the conditions for re-enrollment and is eligible to re-enroll.  Such an assessment will include consultation with the student’s academic department and/or college and may include consultation with others on campus, and consideration of current medical knowledge and/or the best available objective evidence. Careful consideration will be given to the opinions and recommendations of the student’s treating physician or mental health professional, if available. The Committee will provide their determination to the Dean of Students or designee in writing who will communicate the decision to the student. The student may appeal this decision by the same process described above. 

After a decision has been made regarding the student’s eligibility to re-enroll, the Registrar’s Office will make a determination about the transferability of any credits earned at another institution during the student’s leave.