School of Education

Middle Childhood Generalist (Grades 4-6)

The Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement allows the teaching candidate with two licensure areas to add one or two more content areas specifically for teaching in a self contained 4th, 5th or 6th grade classroom. This endorsement is not valid for holders of any license other than Ohio Middle Childhood Education. To have the MCG endorsement added to the MCE license:

  • The candidate must have previously completed a MC Education program in two content areas and hold a valid MCE license (we will assume that our initial licensure candidate will apply for the endorsement along with, or soon after application for the initial license in two areas); and
  • In addition to successfully completing the MCG Endorsement course work in either one or two additional areas, the candidate must also successfully complete the required Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE).

Either the candidate must pass:

  • OAE Elementary Education (Subtest I and II) OAE#018 and OAE #019;
  • Or the candidate must pass the content area test for each content area added to the MCE license, chosen from:
    • OAEMS English/Language Arts (028)
    • OAEMS Mathematics (030)
    • OAEMS Social Studies (031)
    • OAE Science (029)


Language Arts

  • ENGL 304: Teaching and Research in Writing
  • EDCH 326/526: Children's Literature in the Middle Grades


  • MATH 213: Algebra Concepts for Middle Childhood
  • MATH 214: Mathematical Problem Solving for MC Teachers


  • BIOL 130, BIOL 131: Introduction to Life Science and Life Lab I
  • PHYS 114, PHYS 115: Our Universe: Physical Science and Our Universe Physical Science Lab

Social Studies

  • EDMS 207: World and Cultural Geography
  • POLI 140: American Government and Politics

Note: The courses chosen for the endorsement were done in alignment with the Ohio K-12 standards for the specific subject areas.