School of Education

Blended Online/Onsite BLND

Hello Current and Future Graduate Students:

 This upcoming fall 2022 and spring 2023 semesters, the Educational Administration Program will transition from the Pilot FleXx Delivery Model for class instruction to a Blended Online/Onsite BLND Delivery. Blended Online/Onsite Delivery will provide the opportunity to conduct approximately one-third of Main Campus In Person course meetings to establish positive relationships between faculty and students before transitioning to a virtual delivery model. Also, any cohort courses (Hamilton County & Kings Local) will be in person at the off-site location. Below is an example of a schedule for a 16 week semester course in Educational Administration. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Dr. Brett A. Burton, Assistant Professor and Program Director for Educational Administration at or (513) 745-4230.

Week # Class Location
1 Main Campus In Person
2 Main Campus In Person
3 Zoom Delivery Virtual
4 Zoom Delivery Virtual
5 Asynchronous Case Study
6 Zoom Delivery Virtual
7 Asynchronous Case Study
8 Main Campus In Person
9 Zoom Delivery Virtual
10 Zoom Delivery Virtual
11 Asynchronous Case Study
12 Zoom Delivery Virtual
13 Asynchronous Case Study
14 Zoom Delivery Virtual
15 Zoom Delivery Virtual
16 Main Campus In Person-Final Class
4 Main Campus In Person
8 Zoom Delivery Virtual
4 Asynchronous Case Study

Note 1: Educational Administration Instructors may alter Main Campus in person course sessions.

Note 2: Graduate students who have concerns with attending Main Campus in person sessions should directly communicate with instructor(s).