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Preparing to Build Your Course Schedule

Core Curriculum Resources for Students

Note that not all courses listed are available each semester

First-Year Seminar Course Options

E/RS Approved Courses

Core Course Sample List

Oral Communication Flag Approved Courses

Quantitative Reasoning Flag Approved Courses

Writing Flag Approved Courses

Literature and the Moral Imagination Courses (English only; there are 205s available in other departments, including CLAS, SPAN, and GERM)


Review Past Syllabi

Exhibit, a resource provided by the library, allows you to review syllabi from prior semesters. 



Degree Works Tutorial Video

Opening screen: :44

Listing of courses: 1:20

Additional categories of classes: 2:00

What if function: 2:45

GPA Calculator: 5:25


Review your degree audit with your advisor to make sure you are making progress towards meeting your core, major, and minor requirements, as well as the 120 credit hours needed to earn a bachelor’s degree. 


Additional preparation

Check and resolve any bursar, advising, or disciplinary holds on your account.  You can view these in self-service.

Add new majors or minors prior to registration.  This is especially true if you are trying to add a course that limits enrollment based on specific major(s) and/or minor(s).  Submit your update at least a week prior to your registration window opening. 

Additional Quick Tips for Searching and Registering, provided by the registrar’s office.