Core for Faculty and Staff

Oral Communication Flag Approved Courses

Approved Courses

Course Code Course Title
ATTR 420 Research in Athletic Training
BIOL 299 Professional Communication in the Sciences
CHEM 180 Intro to Chemical Enterprise
CJUS 206 Criminology
COMM 101 Oral Communication
COMM 301 Presentational Speaking
CSCI 160 Mathematical Thinking for CSCI
CJUS 206 Criminology
DSCI 210 Data and American Democracy
EDEC 335 Language Arts/Social Studies-Early Childhood Education
EDMC 351 Middle Childhood Lang Art Meth
EDMC 352 Middle Childhood Math Methods
EDMC 353 Middle Childhood Science Meth
EDMC 354 Middle Childhood Soc Stud Meth
EDME 359 Community and Advocacy in Educ
EDMS 330 Methods, Curriculum, Assessment in Mathematics
EDMS 331 Methods, Curriculum, Assessment in English Language
EDMS 332 Methods, Curriculum, Assessment in Science
EDMS 333 Methods, Curriculum, Assessment in Social Studies
ENGL 221 Poetry
ENGL 305 Professional Writing
ESLG 133 Listening/Discussion 4
GERM 202 Intermediate German II
HESA 390 Foundation of Healthcare Law & Ethics
HIST 248 The Rise and Decline of the American Empire
HIST 349 Korea: Past and Present
HIST 364 Vikings!
HIST 398 History of Agriculture
LATN 202 Intermediate Latin II: Poetry
LATN 211 Cicero: Orations
MGMT 201 Business & Professional Communication
MGMT 301 Managerial Communications
MKTG 361 Professional Selling
MUSC 310 Music History III
MUSC 320 Instrumental Methods
NURS 130 Ways of Knowing
PHIL 387 Contemporary Ethical Debates
PHYS 331 Modern Physics Lab I
PHYS 398 Physics Thesis
POLI 246 Mass Media and Politics
POLI 250 American Political Humor
PPUB 210 Campaigns, Politics, and Media
PPUB 246 Civil Society and Government
PSYC 222/224 Research Methods and Design II, Lab
SPAN 248 Phonetics and Dialectology
SUST 301 Reimagining Sustainability: Culture, Power, and Difference
THTR 205 Theatre History I
THEO 424 Radical Compassion


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