College of Arts and Sciences

Student Advisory Board

About the Student Advisory Board

sab-sept-2023-rs.jpgThe College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Board is a leadership opportunity open to students of all majors within the college. Students who serve on the board provide the dean's office with important insight into the student experience, raise issues and concerns, and represent the college at various events throughout the year.

The board is a unique opportunity to serve your peers and connect with the college leadership on a regular basis. The dean's office often takes feedback from the board to inform improvements to the student experience.

2023-2024 Student Advisory Board Members

Cora Bidwell
Mattie Cieplak
Julia Driggers
Jaid Goh
Emilie Ivy
Maryam Khzir
Ben Klarin
Mak Krivka
Elise Le
Olivia Meintel
Vinny Micucci
Elsbeth Nelson
Lucie Potter
Nijah Simmons
Meghan Sykes
Anta Thiam
Jimmy Zafiropulos
Livie Zimbler