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Please Note: Degree Works will be updated on the weekend of Sept. 30th 2023. Through this update Degree Works will be moving from the "Classic Dashboard" to the "Responsive Dashboard." This new user interface will provide a clean and updated look to Degree Works. All of the prior functionality will remain in some capacity, but may be reorganized. Due to this update, Degree Works will be off-line from 8:00PM on 09/29/2023 through Noon on 09/20/23.  Additionally The Office of the Registrar has the following resources for Students, Faculty, and Staff below:


DegreeWorks is a web-based application that provides a comprehensive set of academic advising and degree audit tools to help students and advisors effectively plan for graduation. Through DegreeWorks students and advisors can easily see the progress that has been made toward a degree and determine what course requirements are remaining. "What If" and "Look Ahead" features are provided to allow students and advisors to see how progress toward graduation would be impacted by a change in major, minor, or concentration or by choosing certain courses in a future term.

DegreeWorks also provides multiple Grade-Point Average Calculators to determine steps for achieving a goal GPA, and direct access to multiple related services and information including the ability to email a student or a student's advisor and hyperlinks to detailed course information including the course description, prerequisites, and class schedule.


Benefits for Students

With DegreeWorks, you'll always know how far you've come and how far you need to go to reach your graduation goal. DegreeWorks, along with your advisor, will help ensure you are on the right track to graduate.

Through DegreeWorks, you can:

  • See how all your completed and in-progress courses apply to your graduation requirements;
  • View course descriptions, prerequisites, and schedule information for the specific courses you need to take to fulfill a requirement;
  • See how your GPA in your major compares to your cumulative GPA;
  • Calculate your GPA based on grades you expect to earn for the term;
  • See what courses you would need to take if you changed your plans for a major, minor, or concentration.

Benefits for Advisors

DegreeWorks produces an easy to read and user-friendly degree audit and provides several other features including:

  • Searching Capabilities: allows you to search for students by classification, degree, major, academic standing, and other criteria to access student audits;
  • Shortcuts: allows you to easily switch from one student's audit to another's;
  • Advising Notes: allows you to easily document (and display on the degree audit worksheet) who the student met with and when and what advice was given;
  • Student's Email Address: allows you to email a student by clicking on the student's name.