Core for Faculty and Staff

Quantitative Reasoning Flag Approved Courses

Approved Courses:

Course Number Course Name
BIOL 230 Genetics
CHEM 150 and 151 Physiological Chemistry
CHEM 226 Quantitative Analysis
CLAS 261 Greek Archaeology
CLAS 262 Roman Archaeology
COMM 329 Communication Survey and Research
CSCI 220 Data Structures and Algorithms
ECON 307 Empirical Analysis in Economics
ENGL 337/537 Theories and Research in Writing
FINC 300 Business Finance
HIST 398 History of Agriculture
MATH 116 Elementary Statistics
***Can count for QR or Math Perspectives, but not both
MATH 120 Elementary Functions
***Can count for QR or Math Perspectives, but not both
MATH 156 General Statistics
MATH 158 General Statistics II
MATH 170 Calculus I
PHYS 110 and111 Our Universe: Forensic Studies
PHYS 112 and 113 Our Universe: Color and Images
PHYS 114 and 115 Our Universe: Physical Science
PHYS 116 and 117 Our Universe: The Earth
***Only Online sections count for the QR Flag
PHYS 118 and 119 Out Universe: The Sky
PHYS 124 and 125 Our Universe: In the Beginning
PHYS 126 and 127 Our Universe: Science in Art and Architecture
PHYS 242 and 243 Circuit Analysis
POLI 393 Advanced Political Analysis
PSYC 210 Statistical Techniques
SOCW 423 Research Methodology

Last Updated April 12, 2018