Ethics/Religion and Society Program

E/RS Courses

The E/RS Focus requires that all Xavier undergraduates complete four courses: Ethics as an Introduction to Philosophy, Theological Foundations, Literature and the Moral Imagination, and an elective course which must be concerned with the ethical and/or religious dimensions of socially significant issues and the effects of ethical and religious decision-making.

Ethics as an Introduction to Philosophy

(Philosophy 100) An introduction to philosophical thought by way of Plato’s Republic and other readings in moral philosophy. Special emphasis on justice. Read more on philosophy 100

Theological Foundations

Theological Foundations (THEO 111) introduces students to theology as a mutually critical dialogue between religious traditions and contemporary human experience.  As an E/RS course, THEO 111 addresses major ethical issues that challenge religious faith and society, such as violence, social injustice, and ecological degradation.  Read more on theology 111

Literature and the Moral Imagination

(English 205, Classics 205, French 205 and Spanish 205) focuses on personal and social ethical issues in literature.

Fourth-Course Electives Fulfilling the E/RS Requirement

A description of E/RS electives can be found here. E/RS electives have come from approximately 15 different departments.

Current or upcoming E/RS Electives

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