College of Arts and Sciences

Help Students Prepare for their Advising Meeting

Students should be coming to your meeting prepared to discuss course selections for the next semester or two.  This worksheet is a document you could send in advance.

In addition, be sure to allow for time in your advising session to have more in-depth conversations with your advisees.  Below are some suggested open-ended questions.  You might send these to your students in advance to prompt reflection.

For any student

  • What is most on your mind today? (this month, this semester)
  • How are you getting involved and connecting on campus?
  • What interests you in your major and why?
  • What classes are you enjoying or learning the most from?
  • What are you struggling with or what might you dislike about your classes?

For first/second year students

  • Are you considering a minor, double-major, or study abroad opportunity? What interests you about this pursuit?
  • What internship, research, or service opportunities would you like to pursue?

 For second/third year students

  • Can you tell me about any new skills you would like to acquire?
  • What are you planning for your summer?
  • What are you considering for your post-graduate work?
  • What are you doing to gain experience?

 For seniors

  • Have you developed a professional network?
  • Have you prepared an up to date resume or CV?
  • What are you most excited about for the future?

Does your advisee need access to additional support resources or information on campus?  The Student Success Center has a page identifying various Solutions Centers on campus where you can help direct them.

If your advisee could benefit from a conversation with a counselor (non-crisis), you can refer them to daily Let’s Talk drop-in hours up at the HUB.  These are offered 9-11am and 2-4pm Monday-Friday.  Let’s Talk is a quick opportunity to connect without committing to a regular appointment.