Adult and Professional Education

APEX Courses

These courses are designed specifically for adult students and fulfill core requirements.  APEX 100 and 200 can also fulfill general elective requirements.

CORE 103 - Goa for Adult/Transfer Students

0 Credit Hours, no tuition charges

CORE 103, Goa, gets its name from the city in India where St. Francis Xavier traveled to experience new opportunities, cultures, and customs, and to interact with and inspire the people he encountered. The course will consist of modules that relate to being successful at Xavier, both inside and outside the classroom. CORE 103 is offered in an eight week, accelerated format, 100% online, and also on campus (for Veteran's only).  It's a graduation requirement for adult students over the age of 20 or transfer students with sophomore status or higher.  It is recommended that you take this during your first semester at Xavier.

APEX 100 - Leadership and Transformation

3 Credit Hours

APEX 100 is a course developed for students in the Adult and Professional Education at Xavier (APEX) program. APEX 100 will provide an opportunity for adult students to reflect on and articulate their academic, professional, and personal goals as they begin their college education at Xavier. Students on a non-traditional path to completing a bachelor's degree are primed for reflection and committed to taking the next step in their lives. Whether that next step is a job promotion, career change, or personal growth, it will be helpful for these students to assess and foster their leadership capacity and formulate strategies that fit their leadership vision. 


APEX 200 - Career Path Planning and Development

3 Credit Hours

APEX 200 provides students with the opportunity to reflect on themselves as professionals.  Students will learn how to identify professional opportunities that fit with their values, skills, and personality traits.  They will learn effective networking, resume writing, and interview skills to improve their ability to be successful in their chosen career path.  They will learn to reflect upon and consider their career path as it evolves.