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CANCELED for 2022 --MBA Global Study Course - London/Paris

This MBA course is designed to allow students to experience the business environment abroad in England as well as expose them to the rapidly changing market conditions of a global economy. A key focus of the course is for students to develop an understanding and awareness about the ethical implications of conducting business internationally.

Course Components:

  • Pre-Trip Lecture: Two mandatory four hour lectures

  • Pre-Trip Assignment: Country overview and research

  • Country Immersion: 10 days in country business visits/ cultural exploration/ marketplace observation

  • Post-Trip Assignment: Individual Presentation

  • Post-Trip Meetings: One mandatory four hour meeting for group projects and final presentations

  • Tentative Business Visits: BP, L'Oreal, Transparency International, Institute of Business Ethics, University of Cergy-Pontoise School of Law

Course Website:

Scholarship Opportunity:
Students interested in the Values Based Leadership MBA concentration, and selected to be a Cintas Graduate Ethics Fellow, can get a 90% cost reimbursement for the London - Paris International Law and Ethics course, during spring break of 2016.

Sample Syllabus: Download here
Sample Itinerary: Download here
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