Department of Theology

Graduate Studies in Theology

Courses offered through the Institute for Spirituality and Social Justice (ISSJ)

Dr. Ashley Theuring

Offering graduate classes and programming in theology, pastoral ministry, biblical studies and more, the Institute for Spirituality and Social Justice is where spirituality meets the pursuit of social justice. Our focus is not only on a spiritual awakening but also on preparing individuals with advanced degrees in theology and social justice to make impactful contributions to a more humane and just world. 

Drs. Ashley Theuring and John Sniegocki
Co-Directors of the Institute of Spirituality and Social Justice (ISSJ)


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Exterior of Hinkle Hall on Xavier University's campusEstablished in 2014, the Institute for Spirituality and Social Justice (ISSJ) stands as a beacon for those seeking master's degrees and advanced certificates in theology with an emphasis on social justice and spirituality. Dedicated to the intricate blend of knowledge, spirituality, and social involvement, ISSJ offers a spectrum of opportunities. These range from intensive graduate degrees, such as our in person MA programs and synchronous online master's programs, to comprehensive certificate programs, one-day initiatives, workshops, and retreats. We aim to apply academic expertise to the multifaceted challenges our world faces today—violence, social disparity, and environmental fluctuations.

ISSJ serves as a platform for both personal and societal rejuvenation. Here, spiritual awakening meets intellectual prowess, inspiring a broader social vision and bolstering individuals eager to make tangible contributions towards a more equitable, more compassionate world.

What sets the Institute apart? We emphasize experiential learning avenues, from spiritual formation to professional development practicums/internships. Our standout program ensures a well-rounded academic journey. Rooted deeply in an enriched legacy of ignatian spirituality combined with meticulous intellectual exploration and societal scrutiny, ISSJ epitomizes the Jesuit dedication to serve in the realms of faith and to champion justice in a multifaceted, pluralistic world.

At its core, the Institute showcases a harmonious blend of theology, spirituality, and ethics. This union is meticulously crafted to invigorate individuals and communities, enabling them to address the urgent demands of our era with intelligence and empathy.