Department of Theology

Mission and Vision

To provide a first-rate theological education from a Catholic and ecumenical perspective, inspired by the documents of the Second Vatican Council and the recent General Congregations of the Society of Jesus.

This kind of education means students will be able:

  • To think theologically: that is, 1) to have a basic understanding of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures and of the Christian tradition, and 2) to be able to relate scripture and tradition, in a reflective and constructive way, to their life experiences and the challenges confronting today's world.
  • To evaluate issues from a Catholic and ecumenical perspective: that is, to be global in outlook and dialogical in method as they reflect upon the correlation among theological resources, other branches of knowledge, and contemporary issues of significance.
  • To act responsibly: that is, equipped with the necessary intellectual, moral, and spiritual tools and sensibilities to engage faithfully and responsively in the world for the promotion of peace and justice.