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Xavier Forms

What is the Study Abroad Approval (STAB) form? 

The Study Abroad Approval (STAB) form is the official form to receive credit from your study abroad experience. All students who study abroad must complete the STAB form. Students who study on faculty-led programs will complete this form to register for their courses. You cannot register for a study abroad course through Self-Service. Students who study abroad on all other programs must complete this form. The form will put you in a placeholder course while you are abroad. After your experience, this forms tells the Registrar's office how your courses apply to your degree requirements. 

Where do I access the Study Abroad Approval (STAB) form? 

The Study Abroad Approval (STAB) forms can be found here. You may also stop by the Center for International Education to pick up a printed copy. Once admitted to your study abroad program, the STAB form will also become available in the application portal. 

What are Risk Management forms? Why do I fill them out? 

All students who study abroad are required to complete the University's waiver (Risk Management) forms for international experience. The forms include the Assumption of Risk form (AOR 102), the Health History form (HHF 201), and the Health Screening form (HHF 202). You will also submit a copy of your passport ID page. These forms a required by the Office of Risk Management and Insurance. The information provided on these forms provides you and the University with important information in case there is an emergency while you are abroad. 

Where do I access the Risk Management forms? 

The Risk Management forms can be found here. You will receive these documents in the application portal after being admitted to your program, or you may pick up a printed version in the CIE. 

What is the EU GDPR Consent form? 

All students who study in an European Union country must complete Xavier's EU GDPR Consent form. The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) went into effect in May 2018. The EU GDPR is a legal framework that provides guidelines to protect the collection and processing of personal information of individuals in the EU. The consent form provides Xavier with the information needed to allow or not allow us to provide your information while studying in the EU. 

Where do I access the EU GDPR Consent form?  

The EU GDPR Consent form can be found here. You will receive this document in the application portal after being admitted to your program, or you may pick up a printed version in the CIE. 

How do I access my STAB form or other documents I have submitted to the CIE? 

You have access to all documents you have submitted to the CIE through your Xavier study abroad application. Your STAB form and Risk Management/EU GDPR forms have been uploaded to the documents section of your application. Log-in with your Xavier credentials to access. 

Course Registration

I am studying abroad for a semester. Do I register on-campus? How do I register? 

You will complete the STAB form to register on-campus for your study abroad semester. You will not complete priority registration through Self-Service. It is important that you complete your STAB form by the deadline to ensure you are registered and put in a placeholder course. You will not be placed in individual courses while you are abroad. Once you return from your study abroad experience, your courses will be placed on your record. For questions, please contact   

I am studying abroad on a faculty-led program. Do I register for my courses through Self-Service? 

No. You will also complete the STAB form to register for your study abroad courses. It is important that you work with your academic advisor to select the correct courses offered on your study abroad program prior to submitting the form to your dean. All CRNs must be included on the form and can be found in Self-Service Browse Classes. Please complete the form by the deadline to ensure you are registered and placed in the correct courses prior to the term's start. 

May I change courses while I am abroad? 

Students studying abroad on a semester program should follow the add/drop period of their host institution. It is possible to select another course while you are abroad. However, you must go through the course approval process via email with the appropriate department chair based on the course subject and degree requirement you wish to fulfill. Once you have received the course approval, please update a new STAB form and upload it to the application portal. The Registrar's office will not accept transfer credit for a course that has not be approved on your STAB form. 

It is recommended that students on faculty-led programs do not change courses while they are abroad. Please ensure that you have registered for the appropriate course prior to registration and departure. If a change is needed, a new STAB form will need to be completed before the Registrar's office will make any changes to registration. 

What if my course abroad is canceled? 

For students studying on a semester program, it is possible for a course to not be offered or canceled. In this case, you will want to select another course. You will need to go through the course approval process via email with the appropriate department chair based on the course subject and degree requirement you wish to fulfill. Once you have received the course approval, please update a new STAB form and upload it to the application portal. The Registrar's office will not accept transfer credit for a course that has not been approved on your STAB form. 

Do my grades from my study abroad courses impact my GPA? 

It depends. Students studying on Xavier faculty-led programs are taking Xavier courses and the grades will impact your GPA. Students studying on all other programs will receive letter grades for the courses they take abroad. However, your courses will not impact your GPA. To receive transfer credit for your study abroad courses, you must receive at least a C or higher for it to be accepted. For questions, please contact

Who do I pay to study abroad? Do I pay Xavier University or the host university/program provider?

In most cases, you will pay for your study abroad program through Xavier's Bursar. For Xavier-sponsored semester programs, semester direct exchange programs, and all Xavier faculty-led programs, a bill will be published through Xavier's Bursar. All Bursar processes are followed. More information about the Bursar.  

For semester programs, it is Xavier tuition that is being paid directly to Xavier University (not other stated program fees). Room and board is sometimes paid directly to Xavier or sometimes in-country / to the program. For questions, please contact

For summer programs that are not led by Xavier University faculty, students will pay their host university or program provider directly based on the billing processes of that university or program provider. 

Will Xavier University continue to honor my merit scholarship if I study abroad? 

Xavier semester study abroad programs that are listed on our website allow you to access your scholarships and financial aid package. Xavier has over 85+ semester study abroad options for students to find the right academic fit and program location.

Xavier merit scholarships are not available to use for faculty-led programs. 

Are there scholarships available to study abroad?

Yes! Xavier does offer scholarships for students to study abroad. Additional information regarding scholarships can be found here. Students are always welcome to complete personal research on additional scholarship opportunities as well. 

How do I pay for a semester program through Xavier? 

If you are studying abroad for a semester on a Xavier-sponsored program or direct exchange program, you continue to pay tuition directly to Xavier University through the Bursar. Any scholarships or financial aid will continue to apply to your study abroad experience. Some programs have an additional program fee based on the level. Additional information can be found here.   

Room and board will be paid directly to Xavier or to the the host institution, program provider, or in-country residence. For questions, please contact 

How do I pay for a faculty-led program? 

If you are studying abroad with a faculty-led program, you continue to pay tuition directly to Xavier University. Your bill will be broken into tuition and a program fee. Most of the time, merit scholarships and financial aid cannot apply to your bill. However, it is always a good idea to meet with Financial Aid early to see if there are any financing options that you can select. 

When will I be billed for a study abroad program? 

Study abroad programs with a Xavier bill will be published by the Bursar's office. The Bursar will publish bills in accordance to the term in which the study abroad program takes place. For all terms, you may sign up for the X-flex payment plan. 

Health and Safety Questions

Am I required to have health insurance while I am studying abroad? 

Yes, all students participating in Xavier faculty-led study abroad programs are enrolled in international health insurance through CISI (CISI insurance policy brochure). A majority of our semester options are also enrolled in CISI through Xavier or their partner organization; if students are not enrolled in CISI, the coverage is equivalent to Xavier's coverage just with another provider.

CISI coverage can be used for emergencies, accidents, and illnesses that occur while abroad. Xavier's CISI policy also includes trip delay, which provides coverage, e.g. lodging, meals, travel expenses, in the event that a participant’s trip or return home is delayed. Details about trip delay are in the attached brochure. 

Where do I find my CISI health insurance card? When do I get it? 

CISI health insurance is usually purchased for students about a week prior to their study abroad program departure date. You will receive your health insurance card in an email from CISI ( It is possible that this email could go into your Junk or Spam folder. Please be on the lookout for it. If you cannot find it, please contact We are able to resend the email to you. 

Why am I required to receive a physical before I study abroad?

Students are required to complete two health forms in compliance with the University's waiver requirements for international experiences. It is critical that students complete these forms in a timely manner prior to the experience. The CIE recommends at least one month prior to departure. During the physical, students should be informed of needed vaccinations/immunizations for the region/country of travel, review all current allergies and medications, the availability and possibly legality of medications in-country, and/or maintaining any on-going diseases or conditions while abroad. In some cases, a specialist may be required to sign off on the physician's form. These discussions are important for you to have prior to studying abroad to maintain your health and wellness while you are abroad. 

What is STEP? Should I enroll in STEP? 

STEP or the Safe Travelers Enrollment Program through the US Department of State is a free service to US citizens that provides up-to-date safety and security information while you are abroad. If there is a natural disaster, protest, or emergency in the country, the Department of State will issue an alert by email or text to your phone. We recommend students enroll in STEP for the time that they are abroad. Enroll here. 

What is AlertTraveler? Should I download the app? 

AlertTraveler by TerraDotta (Xavier's application portal) is a system to help keep students safe while traveling abroad by alerting travelers about incidents and events that are happening and affect them. AlertTraveler provides intelligence for countries and cities around the world, and is a handy reference right in your pocket (app on your mobile phone). Students will receive safety and security alerts that apply to them based on itinerary or on current location, if enabled. If an incident has occurred, Xavier's CIE will be able to send a check-in request to allow students to respond that they are safe or need help. Students also have the ability to access the 24/7 emergency support at the touch of a button. It is highly recommended you download the app.