Education Abroad

Scholarships and Grants

Looking for information on how to fund your study abroad experience? Check out the various study abroad scholarships and fellowships by Xavier and global scholarship organizations. There are opportunities for undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-graduates.

Education Abroad staff in the Center for International Education work with students in the competitive scholarship applications. Please be aware of deadlines and make an appointment to meet with the advisor to review your application well in advance. 

Undergraduate Scholarships 

Xavier Scholarships 

These scholarships are specifically for Xavier students studying Abroad . Some of these scholarships are based on major, program type or activity. Click here for scholarships 

Please review Xavier's institutional aid awarding policy for additional information regarding study abroad scholarships and current financial aid awards. 

Non-Xavier Scholarships 

These scholarships are open to everyone. Some of these scholarships are based on major, program type or activity. Click here for scholarships 

Graduate Study Scholarships

Opportunities include Fulbright US Student Program and Fellowship programs for students in many different graduate programs. Even if you are not currently in graduate school, these opportunities could be something to explore after your time at Xavier, if you are considering graduate school in your future. Click here for scholarships

Post-graduate Fellowships and Opportunities 

These opportunities are not dependent on an academic degree program. Some opportunities include US Peace Corps, ICWA Fellowship, and Atlas Corp Fellowship. Click here for opportunities