Ordering Promotional Materials & Apparel

Ordering promotional material or apparel has a few additional steps involved.  Please use this reference as a quick guide for ordering items such as:

  • Apparel (shirts, polos, jackets, hats, jerseys, sportswear etc.)
  • Giveaways or promotional items
  • Anything that involves screenprinting or embroidery such as merchandise with your club name/original design
  • Any physical item being created (other than flyers and banners) that uses the university's trademark (X-logo or name Xavier/XU)

Step One: Your Design

While creating your design, please review the university's Brand Use: Promotional Material and Apparel Policy for guidance on how to use Xavier trademarks. 

Once your design is finished, you'll need to submit a request for approval from University Marketing & Communications via the Promotional Material and Apparel Approval Form in EngageXU.  In order to complete this form, you will need to identify which vendor you plan to use (see Step Two below for a list of vendors). 

Your submission is first reviewed by Kim Costanzo in University Marketing & Communications and then final approved by Dustin Lewis in Student Involvement.  Any feedback on your designs will be sent via the chat feature in EngageXU with whomever submitted the form.

Note: If your designs are being sold (such as club apparel), please be sure and submit the sale as an event through EngageXU and on the supplemental event form that loads, indicate that it is Conducting A Fundraiser to get approval for your sale.

Step Two: Your Order

Beginning Summer 2023, the university has narrowed the list of approved vendors who are licensed through the university can be used for any promotional materials or apparel.  The list is maintained by University Marketing & Communications and includes the following vendors:

*indicates a diverse vendor (supplier) 

The following additional vendors are licensed to support Club Sports through Xavier

For more information, visit Marketing & Communications website.

You should contact the vendor to get a quote for your purchase. As a reminder, we are Tax Exempt and should not be paying sales tax for orders. We recommend doing this at least 3 weeks prior to when you need the order in hand. Vendors will be paid via Purchase Order so you'll just need to either indicate that or let them know - each vendor handles this differently. When the university sends the vendor a Xavier Purchase Order, the order will be officially placed and the vendor will then move your product into production (printing).  

Please note: Faculty and Staff can no longer use a Xavier P-card.  Clubs also cannot make the purchase yourself and submit the receipt for reimbursement, bypassing these steps.  Any purchase of apparel or merchandise must be made using this process.  Reimbursements that did not follow this process, in advance of the purchase, will not be approved. 

Step Three: Your Payment

Vendors will provide you with either a quote, a bid or invoice for payment.  You should then complete a Student Organization Purchase Form to initiate the payment.  The vendors (above) are already established with Xavier and do not require you to upload a W-9 form but they do require you to upload the quote/bid/invoice.  Once you submit the Purchase Form, your organization's advisor must approve the form before the university will process the payment. We recommend sending your advisor an email when the form is submitted to let them know their approval is pending.

Most items are delivered to either Student Involvement (GSC 210) or Rec Sports (The HUB).  We will let you know when they arrive.  Vendors are given instructions that they need to email the final invoice to in order to close the purchase order and be paid.  If a vendor contacts you asking about payment, please direct them to be sure and include the university's Purchase Order number on the invoice and also in the subject of the email so that the university can promptly process their payment.

Questions about this process?  Contact us!